South park panda

south park panda

Ich fühl mich voll belästigt : Mr. Garrison lädt den Sexuelle-Belästigungs- Panda in den Unterricht ein. Das Maskottchen soll den Schülern . s05e07 August 01, Cartman spielt mit seinem Hund ein Spiel, das er "Rote Rakete" nennt. Zufällige Folge ansehen. Mr. Garrison lädt den sexuellen-Belästigungs-Panda in den Unterricht ein.

De kinderen schieten derhalve er niets mee op omdat ze hun verkregen schadevergoeding meteen weer verliezen door claims tegen hen, de school en de staat worden straatarm waardoor de last uiteindelijk bij de belastingbetalers terechtkomt , en advocaat Broflovski steenrijk.

Ondertussen wordt 'Sexual Harassment Panda' ontslagen, omdat de staat Colorado de school financiert en hem door alle claims niet meer kan betalen.

Hij belandt op het eiland van de 'Mascotte Misfit Commune', waar zich mascottes ophouden van wie de boodschap nergens op slaat. Op het eiland denken de meeste mascottes, net als 'Sexual Harassment Panda', dat ze echt zijn.

De jongens weten hem echter te overtuigen terug te komen naar South Park met een nieuwe boodschap: Zijn nieuwe naam is dan ook Petey 'the don't sue people' Panda.

De mascotte gaat naar de rechtbank waar Broflovski ondertussen een grote rechtszaak, 'Iedereen tegen Iedereen', houdt en beide kanten vertegenwoordigt.

De panda overtuigt de aanwezigen, die het vervolgens op Broflovski gemunt hebben, maar die weet snel voor te stellen geen rechtszaken met betrekking tot seksuele intimidatie meer te houden en hij komt ermee weg, wellicht miljoenen dollars rijker.

Uit Wikipedia, de vrije encyclopedie. Overgenomen van " https: South Park Season 10 Episode 7 Tsst. South Park Season 9 Episode 9 Marjorine.

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South Park Season 3 Episode 11 Chinpokomon. South Park Season 3 Episode 9 Jewbilee. South Park Season 3 Episode 5 Tweek vs. I hit him over the head and I cut up the body.

I tried to burn him, but it wouldn't burn! Oh, the smell of it! I put the legs in garbage bags and hid the torso under a bridge.

Principal Victoria, was Eric Cartman called an ass-sucker? The courthouse, still later. Last, I'd like to bring up my expert witness: Expert witness, did South Park Elementary allow sexual harassment to go on?

Well, when one little panda asks another little panda to perform oral sex, that is sexual harassment. And who's to blame?

I'm afraid the law states that the school must be held responsible. Straight from the horse's mouth! South Park Elementary, The Verdict. We did it, Eric!

Same with the garage, itself bigger than the house to it's right. The icicles are also bigger. Furniture movers come by with new furnishings for the new, big house.

Two delivery men take a big-screen TV into the house. That goes in the master bedroom. What do you think of your new house? Yes, it is big, isn't it?

It is very big. Well Kyle, schools have lots of money. You see, we all pay taxes, and part of that tax money goes to public schools, and it's from that money that we got our 1.

It's a very fragile system that nature has designed. All things flow into each other. You're trying to confuse me now, aren't you?

Garrison's classroom, some days later. The alphabet strip, the poster, and the teacher's desk and chair are gone.

Only the chalkboard remains. Okay, children, there's a few changes being made here at school, but lessons will go on as normal.

The desks, pictures, and numbers are gone] Yes, Stan? Well, a lot of cuts had to be made since the school's funding is short for lawsuits.

You see what this has done? All I know is, I got this sweet digital watch and these cool shoes; I'm telling you guys, suing people kicks ass!

I wanna sue somebody! I wanna get a lawyer. Well, let's just try to cope with the changes and do our schoolwork. Now, I'm gonna write a sentence on the board, and I want you to tell me the noun.

The sound just grates to the ear]. I'm sorry, children, but we can't afford chalk anymore. I have to write on the chalkboard with this rusty nail.

Anyway, children, in the sentence, "The ball is red The offices of Broflovski and Jackson. Gerald is in his office looking out the window. His briefcase is open.

Music starts for a commercial. Are you tired of being harassed at school? Sick of being called a homo? Then call me, Kyle's dad, and I'll help you [slams his briefcase shut] close the lid on sexual harassment in schools!

Thank you, Kyle's dad! Just look at all these beautiful girls! So call me, Kyle's dad. Because it's not about money, it's about This shot is frozen as the jingle is sung].

All right, what other cuts do we have to make to the school budget? Uh, next we have Tom Morris. He plays Sexual Harassment Panda at the schools. We certainly can't afford him anymore.

I warn you, Mr. Evans, uh, Tom Morris takes his job a little seriously. Uh uh, have a seat, Mr. Morris, we at the school board have been thinking, and, we've decided that perhaps a "panda" isn't the best way to explain sexual harassment to children.

Morris, we believe that a panda doesn't really have anything to do with I'm afraid we're just going to have to let you go. The dominoes begin to tumble.

Eric Cartman, it is the judgment of this court that you sexually harassed Pip Philip at school. You asked Pip to suck your Mackey sits with her] Oh, dear God!

Wow , I'm good! They go to their respective podiums. The boys have left. This girl touched my thigh. Half her belongings, school is sued for 2.

Uh, Your Honor, this young man commented on the shape of my ass. Half his stuff, 2 million from the school. South Park Elementary, class time, barren classroom.

Okay, children, let's all take our seats. We have a lot to learn today. Broflovski in the back] Oohh-kay. Uh, Clyde, can you tell me when Ulysses S.

Uh, Craig, how about you? I refuse to answer on the grounds that it may incinerate me. It is really disrupting class time! Ri-oh, uh oh, I see. Now, let's get back to Ulysses S.

Grant, if that's okay with you, uhum The boys are in line. At least the tables are still there. The poster and menu board are missing, but the counter is there.

Well, they're about to get worse. All I can serve you for lunch is lumpy potatoes. All my funding's been cut. You guys have to do something!

Chef, how can we stop all these sexual assment lawsuits? I don't know, children. He's a lawyer, ain't he? I've tried talking to him, but he doesn't want the lawsuits to stop.

He's making too much money. Well, somebody else has got to know all about this sexual harassment whosafudge. Hey, what about that stupid panda?

Yeah, Sexual Harassment Panda. He's the one that started all this. We have to find him! Well, I hope you do. Otherwise, it's lumpy potatoes from here on out.

South Park School Board meeting. That's thirty-two more lawsuits in the past twenty-four hours. Looks like we'll have to cut all counseling and nutrition programs.

The children have started suing adults. They could sue us next. Holy smokes, you're right!

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Eine der besten Folgen Diese Folge hätte man sich echt schenken können Meistens sitzen sie in der Bar. Dann verschwindet er plötzlich, taucht wieder auf und verschwindet wieder. Zwar eine gute Parodie auf die Prozesswütigkeit der Amis, aber nichts spektakuläres. Ich will mir den Panda auf den Bauch tatowiren lassen.

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sexual harrassment panda Meistens sitzen sie in der Bar. Die Richterin Julie, die die Fälle verhandelt, spielt auf diese amerikanischen Gerichtsshow an. Ein ungemein witziger Panda und endlich mal eine anständige Rolle für Gerald machen diese Folge zu einem Leckerbissen. Dieses gesinge ist total überflüssig und einfach nur peinlich. Genial die Folge auch mit dem "Wir können Typen wie dich hier nicht besonders leiden! Bitte schreibe mehr als einen Satz und achte auf deine Rechtschreibung. Nach den beiden letzten Ausrutschern wieder eine bessere Folge, die bei den meisten Fans auf Grund des Belästigungs-Pandas gut ankam. Aliens Parodien Reaktionen Zitate F. Damit die Bewertungen Sinn machen, darf natürlich jeder nur einmmal etwas pro Folge schreiben - Diskussionen gehören ins Forum. Die Folge verdient zwar 5 Sterne ist aber sicherlich nicht die beste. And, they have a lot more money. South Park Season 16 Episode 10 Insecurity. The sound just grates to Beste Spielothek in Unterstedt finden ear]. My client, Everyone, has been hurt by this crime and must be compensated. Don't you think our last new house is big enough? South Park Season 2 Episode bordeaux online casino Clubhouses. As you can see, Your Honor, my client is too upset to continue. Did you, or did you not, hear my client being called an ass-sucker? Everyone is suing everyone else, and you're pretty much the cause of it all! When you sue somebody, you take money away from parks and schools and charities, and put it in your own pocket. South Park Season 21 Gw2 character slots Ganz lustig aber nicht gearde ein Meilenstein. Aber in der Folge gibt es einen Fehler. Wie kommen die nur darauf? Parker, der seit Jahren ähnliche Werbung im Fernsehen macht. Parker, der seit Jahren ähnliche Werbung im Fernsehen macht. Cartman darf Stans halben Besitz als Entschädigung haben, doch Mr. Diese Folge ist mein absoluter Liebling! D Beste Spielothek in Zietenhof finden lach jedes mal mehr drüber haha. Nichtssagende, beleidigende oder unleserliche Kommentare werden aussortiert. Ich habe Tränen gelacht! Aber Inhaltlich und auch von den Witzen gibts bessere Folgen - vier Sterne Der Sexuelle Belästigungs-Panda war zum Brüllen komisch. Prompt nutzt Cartman die neu gewonnenen Informationen mayan moons Rechtslage auf diesem Gebiet dazu aus, um Stan zu verklagen sportwetten bonus ohne einzahlung book ra slot machine free play ihn beleidigt hat. Cartman 01

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